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Telephone Points

This may be the era of mobile phones but it is still the case that a home never feels entirely a home without a telephone. Your mobile might not get a signal, run out of battery, be lost or stolen, but the home phone keeps you connected and is often cheaper!

At MCC Small Electricals we can install telephone points wherever you need them. Many people feel safer with a socket by the bedside so they can call for help or just for a chat and it’s perfect for the elderly or immobile. Sometimes a socket by the comfiest chair in the living room can be invaluable.

Data Points

The internet is fast becoming essential, the greatest encyclopaedia and the biggest shopping centre in the world, so we often need more data points for multiple access. Give us a call and we will offer you honest advice and a competitive “no obligation” quote.

Wherever you can install a telephone socket you can also install a data point so why not have both done together, save money and maximise your flexibility.