Sockets and Switches

Extra Sockets and switches in Leeds

  • Switch replacement and dimmers
  • Socket installation and Conversion

Switch Replacement & Dimmers

At MCC Small Electricals we appreciate that you need the lighting in your home to be just right for whatever you are doing. So often home lighting lacks flexibility and just plugging in an extra lamp here and there doesn’t do the trick.

The ambience of your home can be much improved by fitting dimmer switches. And if you are thinking of redecorating, call us to replace those old switches with elegant new ones to match your new décor.

We can also add to your comfort and security by installing infra-red lighting and remote control switches, as well as timers to fool the burglars when you are on holiday.

Socket Installations and Conversions

With the rapid pace of change the number of electrical devices in our homes or small businesses can outpace the capacity of our wiring and especially the number of sockets. Avoid overloading your system and risking short circuit, electrocution or even fire! You can finally do away with those unsightly and potentially dangerous extension leads and multi plugs by getting in touch with us at MCC Small Electricals.

We can rewire your ring main circuit if necessary, install additional sockets where you need them or convert a single or double socket into a triple fitting. You can choose from a range of classical or modern designs and colours so your new fitting will not only be safer and neater but will also look so much better.

Let us help you tidy up your wiring now and avoid unnecessary accidents.