Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Ovens, televisions, electrical sockets, light fixtures, computers, washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers.

When you think about it nearly everything in your home runs on electricity or use’s it for something.

Servicing and maintaining your electrical appliances and wiring help extend your equipments life and ensure they work safely and smoothly when you use them. We at MCC Small Electricals can make sure your electrics are healthy and working to an optimum level, simply give us a call and we’ll do a full service check of all your Electrical goods and household Electrics.

Why risk a potentially fatal electrical fire when for a very reasonable price a professional electrician can make your home a lot safer? With years of experience working in the industry we know and respect the power of electricity. We’ve seen how it can be wasted on poorly maintain equipment which literally leaks money and unfortunately have heard of poor or faulty equipment giving unnecessary electrical shocks. These are usually from ‘have a go’ attempts by DIY enthusiasts.

Let a professional from MCC Small Electricals take the risk out of your electrics and feel comforted knowing your home is safer and more efficient when we’ve leave.