Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems

Safety Checks

Going as far back as our ancient ancestors our survival instinct teaches us to respect and fear fires. In our modern world where we are rapidly accumulating gas and electric appliances and increasing amounts of electronic equipment in our homes, fire is a real and present danger. This is particularly the case where electrical wiring and equipment has been improperly installed either by well-meaning DIY’ers or by “cowboy firms” who sacrifice safety to profit.

You can minimise risk by asking MCC Small Electricals to complete a health and safety check on all your wiring and appliances. All work will be carried out by Part P approved electricians.

You can also make sure that you are alerted to fire before it gets out of control by having a fire alarm system installed.

Fire alarm systems

At MCC Small Electricals we have a wide range of reliable fire alarm systems to meet the needs of your home or small business. We are able to offer you experienced advice about the greatest areas of risk and what might suit your premises and budget. There are systems to suit every requirement; to preserve human life and protect escape routes or to ensure that important stock or equipment is safeguarded.

Fire regulations vary depending on how many rooms you have, who’s occupying the space, what equipment you use etc. It is our job at MCC Small Electricals to know exactly what you need and then to install it quickly and easily. So give us a call and make sure you have the right system installed today.