Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

Heating and hot water systems

We at MCC Small Electricals can help you save on electricity costs and make a small contribution to reducing harm to the planet at the same time. We supply and fit time clocks to your heating system, which are easy to set and change to fit in with your activities and also ensure that you have a user friendly thermostat so heating is not wasted. So there is no need to put up with radiators blasting out when you don’t need them or scalding water out of the tap.

We can also advise and assist you in making maximum use of off-peak low tariff energy and we install a range of energy saving electric heaters.

Our Part P approved status combined with over 25 year’s experience will also ensure that all your plumbing and gas pipes have the earth bondings required under British Safety Standards 7671.


You can also save energy costs and hassle with lighting and add to your security by having lights which come on automatically in response to movement. These not only deter burglars but also mean that your porch or doorway can be lit up when you approach helping you to find your keys and feel safe.

Photo sensitive lights will avoid wasted energy in summer months as they come on at dusk and go off at dawn throughout the year.