Earth Bonding

Earth Bondings Leeds

We all know that the presence of water greatly increases the chance of electric shock, that’s why you don’t touch plug sockets with wet hands. Gas and water pipes that are not properly bonded into the earth greatly increase the risk of death or serious injury if there is any malfunction in your appliances.

Earth bonding by Part P approved electricians protects you against this unnecessary risk and is now mandatory for all new plumbing installations.

British Standard 7671

Your old electrical equipment and appliances installations are unlikely to meet the latest safety standards But MCC Small Electricals can bring them up to BS7671 standard and help to ensure that you and your family or employees keep safe. British Standards are rigorously tried and tested levels of safe operation and quality electrical control that are constantly being revised and improved. They remain one of the most respected and highly commended standards in the world.

At MCC Small Electricals we are Part P approved electricians so call us to have your appliances checked, and earth bonded at a reasonable price so that you are in the 21st century where safety is concerned. All our work is guaranteed and fully certified which is important not just to you but to potential vendors should you want to sell your house.