On the 1st Jan 2005 (Amended April) Part-P of the building regulations became law in England & Wales.

The aim of Part-P is to improve the safety of fixed electrical installations in domestic properties and reduce the number of deaths , injuries and fires from faulty installations. The implications of this , means with a few exceptions any electrical work undertaken in your home such as the addition of a new electrical circuit or work in your Kitchen , Bathroom or Garden must be notified to the local authority building control for inspection.

This includes work that has been carried out professionally, by you or another family member or friend.

By using a electrical contractor who is registered with a competent persons scheme such as N.A.P.I.T domestic installer , the contractor will be able to self-certify that the work meets the required standards and that it has been notified to the local authority .

The benefit of this means that not only are you getting electrical work to a very high standard , the burden and expense of notifying the work to the local authority is taken away . SBE electrical & security meets all these exacting standards and is registered with the N.A.P.I.T domestic installer schemes.

SBE electrical & security has been independently assessed to ensure that they operate to the highest safety standards . If the work you have had done is affected by Part-P , SBE electrical & security will notify the local authority of the work and you will receive a building compliance certificate from Building Control so that you know that the work has been entered on their official register.You will almost certainly have to produce this certificate at a later date , for example when you sell your house , so when it arrives keep it safe.
By using a N.A.P.I.T domestic installer , you have additional security of the provision of a 6 yr warranty for all works registered with the local authority.